Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This summer I went to the lake to meet the author Jenny L. Cole to get an autograph on my book (shown on the right) and the dog on the cover is Matt. But guess what? The pic a scottish terrier is a real Matt! He was so cute!

Anyway, the author was really nice and you can get a book on amazon. I read it so far and it's a really great book! It about God and the animals following the fire cloud to reach Noarh's Ark when they hear a voice saying "come, come" It's funny, sad, and have everything in it! I'm telling you, you have to READ IT!

(I do not know the two girls, but thought it was a cute pic.)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My pets


I have two dogs: Price and Charlie

Price is the oldest age 14 and Charlie is the youngest mixed breed, aged unknown

I will be adding more pics of them, I got tons of them lol.



I'm new here so I kinda checking it ou haha. But I will try add more pictures of my drawings, as you can see, I'm an artist. But right now, I have work to do, blah.

I'm New Here...

Hey, I'm new at this and I think I will be using this for awhile. Anyway, I'm an artist and to show proof, the picture of a girl you see on the left. I drew that on the computer, it was fun :).

But I have more to show, but I'm really busy with work, blah.